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Welcome to Five Respect, a place where you will find scanlations, translations and scripts of various manga and doujinshi, and maybe even games (if I get extra bored).

Please read the rules before proceeding! Have fun!
9th-May-2009 05:57 pm - CLAMP ❙Watashi no Suki na Hito

Series: Watashi no Suki na Hito
Mangaka: CLAMP
Chapters: 1 of 12
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A

This is a not really well-known CLAMP manga, which is of short stories and essays. It's light and enjoyable, as well as meaningful. I apologise for the scans which aren't very clean. This is mainly because I didn't scan it from the Japanese published one (therefore, the English title in the cover) as I don't have it, so the paper quality is pretty bad. Hope you enjoy it anyway! Oh, and it is not R-rated. The R you see on the cover there means 'for teenagers'.

12 Problems of Teenage Girls.Collapse )
7th-Mar-2009 10:20 pm - SATOUMIZU ❙Game Select

Series: Prince of Tennis
Circle: Satoumizu
Characters: Atobe, Oshitari, Gakuto, Shishido, Atobe's Fangirls
Pairing: Oshitari/Atobe
Pages: 20, not including covers
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13-ish? Kissing!
Warnings: THIS IS NOT USUAL SATOUMIZU CRACK! It's more on the serious side this time!
Summary: Oshitari wonders if Atobe really does like him, because Atobe has been refusing his advances.

I don't have the covers to the doujin, so I snagged the previews off jpqueen. There are no cover scans under the cut!

Another quick scanlation before I scan in the rest of the other doujin~

Because Satoumizu can be serious once in a while...Collapse )
神谷 【さあ】
5th-Mar-2009 11:26 pm - SATOUMIZU ❙Pillar

Title: Pillar (柱)
Series: Prince of Tennis
Circle: Satoumizu
Characters: Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji, Kawamura, Oishi, Kikumaru and Yamato-buchou
Pairing: None
Pages: 3, no covers
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Warnings: Echizen, become Seigaku's Pillar of Support!

From the same book as the first scanlated doujin here, I bring to you, Pillar! Enjoy!

Echizen, become Seigaku's Pillar of Support!Collapse )
神谷 【さあ】

Title: Zentai Teki ni Konna Naiyou Desu (全体的にこんな内容です)
Series: Prince of Tennis
Circle: Satoumizu
Characters: Tezuka, Oishi, Fuji, Ryoma, Kikumaru
Pairing: Hint of TezuFuji
Pages: 2, no covers
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Warnings: Tezuka is too utterly naive and adorable, and I think Oishi is brilliant.

It's pretty short for a first project for this community, but I couldn't help but translate this and put this up. I killed the spine of my book in the process, though. Not sure if it's been scanned and translated anywhere before, but please enjoy! As usual, Satoumizu is much crack.

What if Tezuka...Collapse )
神谷 【さあ】
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